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Home CCTV Wolverhampton

We can provide you with a professional CCTV installation for your home. IF you total peace of mind when it comes to the security of your home, just call our team today.


CCTV installer systems are installed to an extremely high Commercial Standard. Full system subassembly is carried out in our workshops and carefully checked, inspected and tested before delivery to website.


CCTV installer has a firm and invested policy in regard to Quality Assurance of all facets of our operations. At all phases of every installment programme, a number of checks and reviews ensures that the finished system fulfils our criteria for a right designed and installed system.

Home CCTV Wolverhampton


So as to be approved for use, every item of gear employed by the CCTV installer has to be endorsed, as being of acceptable performance and fabricated quality, by our own independent assessments. Besides extensive evaluations to specifications carried out in our own workshop, we undertake to work in partnership with suppliers to determine appropriate quality of manufacture, testing and built-in processes are adopted and that a completely effective after-sales and service facility is available to support our Guarantee and Service contract obligations and that spare parts are available for the necessary periods. In the event of imported gear, we inquire the appropriate broker or importer, to satisfy ourselves that there is adequate technical product knowledge, financial and service support, to ensure crucial support is available.


All such materials are chosen from an approved list, where each item has been analyzed and checked to ensure adequate quality and performance.


All gear is provided and setup work carried out in strict accordance with all the need to meet relevant Electrical and Related Security Standards. The CCTV installer ‘Health and Safety Policy Statement’ is consistently high-lighted to all engineering staff and we take considerable trouble to make sure compliance with those specific requirements of any of our Clients when working onsite with regard to Safe Working practices or special website regulations etc.

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